This is just a temporary manual before the official one.

1. Install the FW 1.2.0. on the goggles with the SD card

-to be able to go to FW 1.2.2. you first need to go on 1.2.0. which needs to be installed with an SD card

2. Download the Orqa app (Play Store or Apple store)

3.  Install the FPV.Connect to the goggles:

1. Open the second bay (where the QR code is)
2. Take the ribbon cable and the FPV.Connect
3. Open the connector lever on the FPV.Connect and put the ribbon cable inside. Check if you have pushed it right.
4. Close the drawer and close the bay.

Note: The silver side of the ribbon cable needs to be upside when putting it into the connector

Link to the video: 

4. When you are done with the previous steps, turn on the goggles and the mobile app, you should see the hotspot as following:

ORQA-AP-(your goggles FPV ID)

The password is your goggles FPV ID.
FPV ID can be found on the hotspot name or on the sticker with the QR code on the goggles.

-allow the app to have access to your location (needs to be turned on)
-you need to have mobile data turned on to update the goggles, because FPV.Connect hotspot does not have internet
-if you get asked to either keep this Wi-fi hotspot or automatically switch to one that has internet, just press the back button on your phone, do not choose either of options (only for Android 10 users)