The firmware can be either upgraded or downgraded by using the desired version of the firmware file (*.orqa) as described below.

(1) Download the update file (*.orqa) and save it to the root of a micro SD card. 

(2) Make sure your battery is fully charged; the update will not start if the voltage is below 7.2V.

(3) Power down the goggles. 

(4) Insert the micro SD card with the update file into the slot located at the faceplate. 

(5) Power on the goggles and wait for the system to install the new firmware. The progress bar is displayed on the screen. 

(6) After the firmware is updated the goggles will restart automatically. This process can take up to a couple of minutes, depending on the size of the update. 

(7) After the firmware update has finished the system will delete the firmware update file from the micro SD card.