New straps in da house!

We had a shitty strap, now we dont. 

After testing dozen of different materials and suppliers I think we have found a strap that is up to Orqa quality standards. New Orqa straps will be available for purchase in our shop in the following weeks.

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Any discount for early backers? ;)

Great to see you own up to it, and do something about it. Kudos to you Orqa! Keep doing what you're doing.

well, i wish they had sent me one of the "better" one instead of the same "shitty strap"

okay, i will order one in red! would go for green...but...

ehm...where is the shop? i know i've been there, but i don't know how to find

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Hi Kevin,

we would have sent you a new one, but they were not available yet.

They are not even available in our shop yet, but they will be in the following days.

You can find it on

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Also, the material that goes into the goggle that holds the buckle is not heavy duty enough, it should be of higher quality thicker material. I have to re align it on the buckle often cause it gets crunched down and out of shape. That causes my buckle to shift, and the strap adjustment gets off..

@Joshua can you provide a picture?
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