New straps in da house!

We had a shitty strap, now we dont. 

After testing dozen of different materials and suppliers I think we have found a strap that is up to Orqa quality standards. New Orqa straps will be available for purchase in our shop in the following weeks.

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Any discount for early backers? ;)

Great to see you own up to it, and do something about it. Kudos to you Orqa! Keep doing what you're doing.

well, i wish they had sent me one of the "better" one instead of the same "shitty strap"

okay, i will order one in red! would go for green...but...

ehm...where is the shop? i know i've been there, but i don't know how to find

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Hi Kevin,

we would have sent you a new one, but they were not available yet.

They are not even available in our shop yet, but they will be in the following days.

You can find it on

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Also, the material that goes into the goggle that holds the buckle is not heavy duty enough, it should be of higher quality thicker material. I have to re align it on the buckle often cause it gets crunched down and out of shape. That causes my buckle to shift, and the strap adjustment gets off..

@Joshua can you provide a picture?

What is better about them compared to the original?  I am trying to decide if i look for aftermarket straps or try out the new improved one.   The listing in the shop says it is new and improved but Id like to understand what makes it different.


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Yeah, that's a good question. I've bought two and can't find any difference.

Hi there,

the new straps are made of better and higher quality material. That is the difference. The older straps tend to break and unstitch much easier than the new ones. Also, the material is a little bit more stretchable.

Kind regards,


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