Losing drone

Dear pilots, as always, Orqa is listening to the community.

We would love to hear about your experience with losing drones.
How many times did that happened to you? And in which cases?
Which solution are you using for preventing that? If so, how would you do it better?
What does the FPV hobby miss in this very case?

What do you think could help in this case?
How many of you would like to have something that would prevent that?

Looking forward to getting feedback from you guys!

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Please disable the head tilt alarm when you enable the quad finder i lost a small 1s quad in long grass because i was unable to tell between then tilt alarm and the quad finder beeps when looking for it, then my small 1s battery gave out.

I believe i would have found it in time if then head tilt alarm was silenced.

Hi Colin,

you can turn off the head tilt alarm by yourself in the menu.

Kind regards,


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Hi Luka I hope your well,

I understand i can turn off the head tilt alarm in the setting however i don't want to. I use it, But when i have a crash or failsafe and switch to quad finder i would expect SOFTWARE to understand that i no longer care about the head tilt alarm, I have already crashed and now my goggles won't be horizontal again until the quad is found.

I would also expect head tilt alarm to be turned back on when the quad finder is no longer selected.

If quad finder=enabled then disable head tilt alarm .

If quad finder=disabled then enable head tilt alarm 

Kind Regards


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