Orqa is pleased to announce the release of FPV.One Firmware v.1.1.4.

This is a regular update with a few new features added and a few non-critical bug fixes.

This release is compatible with all publicly available firmware versions.

This release is compatible with FPV.One v.1.0.0. and v.1.0.1. hardware.

This update is available online at:



(1) Bug Fixes

(2) Changes




List of bugs fixed in this release:

- fixed bug where second DVR file had no sound if two consecutive recordings were made;

- fixed bug with random channel switching on RapidFire in SPI mode;

- fixed bug with updates from an SD card prepared on a Mac (ignoring hidden files Mac creates);

- fixed bug with a red frame in DVR.




List of changes in this release:

- Low voltage protection;

- new update screen;

- analog input brightness correction (a blacker black).